Situated within the Yorkshire Dales National Park in the heart of a picturesque village, this once derelict barn has been carefully and sympathetically restored.  The barn occupies a key position in the centre of the village, making the barn and garden visible from the South and East sides.

A significant part of the garden is in constant shade under the canopy of a mature, protected sycamore tree.  Where the canopy ends, the garden is exposed to full sun in the summer, planting will need to tolerate dry arid conditions, but in the Winter must tolerate prolonged periods of cold wet weather.  The Yorkshire Dales has a high level of rain fall, with prolonged low temperatures through the Winter.  The soil is neutral to mildly alkaline.

The North facing rear of the house is relatively sheltered, the garden is surrounded by a high dry-stone wall adding a level of privacy.  Several trees meet the wall boundary creating a microclimate of shade.

The brief is for a low maintenance garden offering year-round interest where ever possible.  Several areas for seating will be incorporated to the concept plan to maximise use of the garden during good weather.

The concept design addressed the access routes to the barn, allowing direct routes to the house, creating zones for planting which would help to soften and ground the recently restored property.  Generous areas of terracing were included to the front and rear of the house to allow for summer evening entertaining, maximising access to sun traps in the garden.

A selection of shrubs underplanted with a mix of low ground cover will add an additional layer of texture to the planting, extending the performance of the borders and softening the lines of the hard landscaping.  Strategically placed borders will be planted with a selection long flowering herbaceous perennials to provide colour and form from early Spring into late Autumn.

Climbers would be planted to add interest and colour to the South and East facades of the building and a number of trees would be planted to the front of the property to add a layer of privacy, colour and interest throughout the year.