The process and stages required to design a garden are unique to each commission and every client.

Here is a guide to the complete process.

Garden Design

Initial Consultation

I begin with a site visit to meet you and to familiarise myself with your garden. I will discuss your thoughts and ideas for the garden. This will lead to a Client Brief.

Following this meeting you can expect to receive a brief proposal for the design. The proposal will include a copy of the contract, together with the fee structure, which will vary depending on the size and complexity of the project.

Once you are content with the proposal and the contract, we will meet again to discuss the plan in more detail.

Client Brief

This is the time where we discuss your garden project in detail. I work closely with my clients to produce a detailed Client Brief. The aim is to fully understand the client’s requirements.

Survey and Site Analysis

I will conduct a detailed survey of the footprint of the house, garden and the boundaries of the garden. A Site Analysis will include the taking of soil samples, and the recording of existing features including trees. A combination of the survey, the unique qualities of the site and the Client Brief will form the basis for a Concept Design.

For complex proposals, I always recommend the engagement of a Chartered Surveyor from the outset.

Survey produced by Sterling Surveys Ltd

Concept Design

This is an important part of the design process. It forms a creative, colourful interpretation of the proposed design to scale.

This document may include a combination of hand drawn sketches, Computer Aided Design and 3-dimensional sketches from key aspects of the garden. It is accompanied by a written brief of the design, all of which will form a foundation for the Master Plan.

Master Plan and Construction Details

The Master Plan is a precise blueprint of the garden drawn to scale. It forms part of a set of documents which, depending on the complexity of the site, may include construction drawings and written specifications.

The documents allow for an accurate pricing for the construction of the garden and are the starting point when going to tender with landscapers. The Masterplan and the Construction Details enable the Landscape Contractors to deliver the work required.

Planting Plan

A detailed Planting Plan forms part of the soft landscaping document. This will include a plant schedule for ease of ordering from garden nurseries. It will include simple maintenance notes to assist you with aftercare.

Tendering and Project monitoring

I can arrange for established and reliable contractors to tender for the work involved. The detailed plans and documents will assist this process. Additionally, I can oversee the works to ensure that the garden is delivered to specifications.

I am able to provide maintenance advice and monitor your garden from conception, to ensure that it evolves according to the plan.